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David Bowie Returns

David Bowie (http://www.billboard.com/news/david-bowie-releases-first-single-in-a-decade-1008075182.story#/news/david-bowie-releases-first-single-in-a-decade-1008075182.story)

David’s back and this time it’s personel (Picture from Billboard)

What a way to celebrate your 66th birthday… by surprising the entire world. No rumours, no press release, no blog chat, no previews, just appearing out of the blue, what a complete and utter legend. Happy Birthday David Bowie.

Here is the video to his new song, “Where Are We Now” which has thrilled the world in just one day.  The song delights in its personel and thoughtful reflection of his own humanity and memories of his life, especially his time in Berlin.  With an album due in March, (“The Next Day”, his first since 2003’s “Reality”), the whole world holds its breath to the prospect of a tour.

Whatever happens, the song is a testament to an artist who has always known how to retain that sense of majesty and grace.


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