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Sitandupandlisten#10 (Before I Fade Away: The Rolling Stones immortalised in a list)

“Successful Darts Team in Career Change Shocker” – The Stones… still at it at 50.

The Rolling Stones have been performing for fifty years.  Having had the privilege of seeing them live, its no secret why they continue to hit the road.  Apart from their inability to be crippled by time, drugs or coconut trees, they have quite a breathtaking back-catalogue of songs, spanning decades and styles. It seems the whole world is trying to unearth the best Stones songs ever at the moment.  So here goes.  A top thirty list is ludicrous, and I hope it isn’t too off putting.  It’s a testament to them, that this list took me a fairly long time to organise, and there are so many brilliant songs, which were expelled from this mega list (probably should have done 50… Duh. Embedding is hard work).  See if you agree.  I didn’t feel like any additional explanation was needed other than song, album, year.  Otherwise it’s going to be a blog post of endless superlatives.

My most loved Stones Albums (and proved by the list) are Let It Bleed, Beggars and Exile.  But while you here, don’t skimp out on the likes of Sticky Fingers, Flowers, Between the Buttons, Aftermath, Out of Their Heads… and on and on and on.

*Note: Some of the songs chosen may have appeared on different albums in the US, but since they will always be one of the finest bands that ever existed from the UK, the album details are therefore strictly British. Sorry to disappoint the American readership. Also, as we are celebrating 50 years of the Stones as a gigging outfit, most of the song clips are live performances. Big love to all who provide the videos; for without you, I’m nothing.

 1: Gimme Shelter

(Let It Bleed 1969)

2: Play With Fire

(B-Side 1965)

3: Paint It Black

(Aftermath, 1966)


4: Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Single 1968

 5: Midnight Rambler

Let It Bleed, 1969

6: Let’s Spend the Night Together

Flowers, 1967

7: Get Off Of My Cloud

December’s Children (And Everybody’s) 1965

8: Wild Horses

Sticky Fingers, 1971

9: Stray Cat Blues

Beggars Banquet, 1968

10: Rocks Off

Exile On Main Street, 1972

11: Street Fighting Man

Beggars Banquet, 1968

12: Sway

Sticky Fingers, 1971

13: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Single, 1965

14:You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Let It Bleed, 1969

15: Salt Of The Earth

Beggars Banquet, 1968

16: The Last Time

Out of Our Heads,1965


17: Brown Sugar

Sticky Fingers, 1971

18: Under My Thumb

Aftermath, 1966

19: Torn & Frayed

Exile On Main Street, 1972

20: Sympathy For The Devil

Beggars Banquet, 1968

21: Rip This Joint

Exile On Main Street, 1972

22: Ruby Tuesday

Flowers, 1967

23: Sister Morphine

Sticky Fingers, 1971

24: Happy

Exile On Main Street, 1972

25: Complicated

Between The Buttons, 1967

26: Let it Bleed

Let It Bleed, 1969

27: Jigsaw Puzzle

Beggars Banquet, 1968

28: Time Is On My Side

The Rolling Stones, No. 2, 1965

29: Tumbling Dice

Exile On Main Street, 1972

30: My Obsession

Between The Buttons, 1967

“It’s a gas, gas gas”


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