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A short selection of some of the eardrum seducers this week:

Nothing Nothing” by Young Husband:  A little bit of psychedelic indie lo-fi to start things off with the London based band.  Rediscovered this on the often ill-fated shuffle button this week and have thoroughly enjoyed kicking back Young Husband style. Something something

“Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain”) by Graham Coxon:  Being part of one of the best (and one of my favourite) British bands that ever took on London, its difficult to remember that Coxon has also had a reasonably successful solo career. A+E (album number eight) came out this year, but I’ve been enjoying 2006’s “Love Travels at Illegal Speeds”.  A lot of Coxon’s work  contains  that gritty garage rock, featuring some of those hard Blur-esque guitar lines.  However this particular song is a lovely little ditty; smooth, slow and calming acoustic guitar, floating piano keys and drums all accompanied by Coxon’s soothing tones.  Lovely Gra-in.

“People Chat A Lot” by Hairy Hands:  I’m very excited by this guy. James Bright, AKA Mr. James Bright AKA Hairy Hands is a Winchester based beat maker creating an exciting fusion of electronica, folk and acoustic sounds.   Absorbing and interesting listening, Hairy Hands, with an album and a recent series entitled “Hairy Hands Vs:” already circulating online, is an artist who deserves plenty of attention, displaying a huge range and diversity in his music.  Try out lead single, “People Chat A Lot” for starters.  Hands down.

“After the Gold Rush” by Patti Smith:  Patti Smith returned with her 11th studio album this year.  “Banga” rolls back the years with Smith doing what she does best.  One of the picks has been a cover of the Neil Young classic. And it’s rather sublime.  Golden

“They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!” by Sufjan Stevens:  The name and indeed length of the title itself makes it worth listening to.  Quite a startling composition off an equally astonishing concept album, Come On Feel The Illinoise! Sufjan Stevens should go down as one of the most innovative artists of his generation. Don’t get mad, get Stevens

Sufjan reacts to the news that strangefascinations is a big fan of Illonoise


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