I had my tonsils out this week. Big ouchy. This has only slightly affected my musical choices – the morphine mainly.

“Breezeblocks” by Alt-J: “She’s morphine/queen of my vaccine/ my love my love love love”. I love that line.  I love the band (see yesterday’s review) and I am addicted to the song and apparently morphine as well.  Quirky lyrics, filthy bass, and ridiculously good harmonies.  I heard the remixes before I heard the original, can you believe that?  The video, I warn you, is slightly messed up, but don’t let that put you off, chums.  This is one to savour for this year, or may we all be held down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks. (La-la-la)

“Twenty four Hours” by Joy Division:  Dark and murky stuff from one of the most influential bands in British music.  From the second and final Joy Division album, “Closer” on “Twenty Four Hours” we hear Ian Curtis fall apart, a realisation perhaps that he couldn’t go on living, personnel regret and a sense of hopelessness strains through: “Now that I’ve realised/ how it’s all gone wrong/ got to find severity/ cause treatment takes too long” It’s actually quite a terrifying and certainly sad song, given he had hung himself by the time people had heard the record, but a beauty in his voice ever present, with a dark guitar line and relentless drumming. Sorry to bring the mood down. (Heavy)

“Yellow Mama” by Therapies Son:  Not much is known about young lad Alex Jacob.  From what I can gather, he makes music in his bedroom (rad) and sounds strikingly like the Flaming Lips. And It is indeed all a bit bedroom sample beats, with wavy synth and piano which is incredibly relaxing listening. See what you think though, as not everyone will be doped to the eyes on morphine when listening to this.  (Cool as Coyne).

“Worry, fill my heart” by Spring Offensive:  The Oxford quintet offer exciting and most rhythmic guitar songs.  Fun stuff, nice soft lyrics, and toes most certainly have been tapped to this VERY ENGLISH group.  You’ll know what I mean in a second. (Inoffensively springy).

“Sister Morphine” by The Rolling Stones:  Well obviously.  One of Sticky Fingers and indeed the Stones’ most underrated songs, even though Marianne Faithful kind of wrote it.  The Stone’s always do it better however, especially when Ry Cooder does a bit of slidey guitar. “Here I lie in my hospital bed/ Tell me sister morphine when you coming round again?”  (Morphine).


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