The Kills Live at Brixton Academy

The Kills play a professional, sultry and down right ultra cool set at London’s Brixton Academy to close the UK leg of their tour.  It’s been a good year for the duo.  Back to their very best with the release of Blood Pressures, a rock ’n’ roll wedding for guitarist Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart proving she can still cut the sultry, sexy, endearing mustard during an extremely well-received and successful tour.  Following warm up acts Trailer Trash Tracys (who I missed) and the self-loathing but brilliantly entertaining country folk singer Josh T. Pearson (‘buy my shit’), the expected crowd sense electricity in the air.  A quite awful, yet suitable colour changing leopard skin backdrop appears as The Kills’ take to the stage, with Hince saluting them with his half-drunk beer.  The bar has been busy this evening, and the packed out and expecting Brixton Academy are fuzzy with whiskey cokes and expensive lager.

Mosshart, donning jet-red hair hops and struts around the stage, as the band shift through an impressive and raucous set.  Accompanied by the touring Black Rooster Corps, who provide an extra drumming pulse on songs like the brilliant crowd-pleaser and opener No Wow, the band quickly remind the faithful as to why they are such a good live band.  Mosshart’s charisma, alongside Hince’s snarling, rasping guitar lines is a pleasure to be a part of.   The onstage chemistry between VV and Hotel is further indication of a band that have kept it strictly rock ‘n’ roll for nearly a decade. When Mosshart takes up guitar duties alongside Hince the pair urge each other on, across the stage, and it looks cooler than anything I can remember.  While certainly professional, the duo are clearly enjoying themselves.

The highlights include Future Starts Slow – which is accompanied by a shower of beer descending across the audience, but there’s too much excitement going on for people to be irritated by sticky hair and alcohol-drenched clothes, as the reverb swirls around the historic venue.  The inclusion of a gospel choir for songs such as Satellite adds an extra gloss to this dirty sexy country rock and roll.  The slower, more reserved number The Last Goodbye, sees a more tender side to the band, and is equally captivating.  Despite playing most of the songs from this year’s Blood Pressures, there is still time for some classics including Tape Song, Fuck The People and set closer the brilliant Monkey 23.  The Kills’ exhilarating and quite exhausting set amidst leather jackets, winkle-pickers, whiskey-neckers, and sneaky crouched chain smokers is a truly enjoyable evening, and cements the explosive and successful year the band has had, and based on this evening, have relished to the very last note.




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