Black and Blue by Miike Snow:  Swedish indie pop sensations Miike Snow burst on the scene in 2009 with a delightful eponymous debut which has won my heart over several times since.  Last week was no exception, listening to the smooth, sometimes lively, sometimes downbeat Scandinavian electropop whistling through my ears.  Black and Blue has everything in it: piano, synth effects, pulsating drumming, beautiful singing with more than complementary backing chorus.  Just a perfect pop song.  MIIkea Show.

Do You Remember by Ane Brun:  Another Scandinavian to croon over.  Despite being relatively unknown, she has recorded and sung with a host of stars from Ron Sexsmith, Peter Gabriel to the beardy bloke from ABBA.  And she released her 5th studio album this year.  Amazing.  The hard-working Brun produces a captivating sound on Do You Remember with tribal rhythms, endearing vocals and an echoed chorus, which sounds over the top at first, but compliments the song nicely, as Brun reminisces about a former flame.  Brun for your life.

Disagreements by StewRat:  Mr StewRat AKA Ryan Stewart successfully slices and dices old soul tracks and transforms them into some glitch pop/electronica mash-up wonders.  This particular song, he borrows the tender walrus vocal chords of Barry White.  It sounds a bit rubbish at first, but the talent is there to hear, and is a real grower. The man from Ohio could be the answer to Manchester’s Star Slinger, or the next J Dilla.  Who really knows these days?  The meticulous efforts to pick and choose the right samples can easily fall flat on it’s arse.  Thankfully StewRats get’s it very much on the button. Rise from the sewers Sir Rat.

Scarlett by 2:54:  These two sisters could prove to be London’s answer to Warpaint.  Wavy guitars, haunting vocals and a nice little rhythm you can really sway to, these girls are set to light up London’s broody back-alley bars this winter.  I really really want to know how they chose their name.   Spooky.

Death Cloud by Cloud Control:  ‘Maybe it’s a death cloud?’  I don’t know guys, but I like how you go about it.  Australian ensemble Cloud Control have furious bass, gorgeous boy/girl vocal swapping and harmonies, with a tidy little guitar hook to make this song very sharable with the man with the Financial Times three inches from your nose, as you find solace on your way to work.  Cloud and proud. 




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