I’m His Girl by Friends:  Rather than the one where Ross and Rachel were on a break, these friends from New York provide sultry, sassy Brooklyn beats.  The drums, cowbell and the filthy bar-room bass reverberates around the song, with lead singer Samantha Urbani being all up in your face.  There is little time for pleasantries because she’s ‘…not just another chick’. I’ll Be There For You, it most certainly is not and provides another fine testament to Brooklyn’s plethora of talent.  Feisty.

Speak To Me Someone by GeneThe year is 1997.  As Britpop began to breathe it’s final breath, the hardworking backroom Brit rockers Gene produced this stunning euphoric sadness, which I’m certain Mr Morrissey would have proud of.  Speak to Me Someone is the most tragic cry from a lonely guy in need of a bit of company.  The vocal styling’s of Michael Rossiter: powerful, rousing and heartfelt, would make anyone get that all important lump in throat moment, especially on those lonely cold and dark walks home, when you find yourself saying ‘Im here Michael, I’m here’.  Gene-And-Us.

Warning Sign by Local Natives: How this band slipped though my late 2009/early 2010 radar, I will never know.  I’ve been admiring this incredible talent and such wonderful psychedelic harmonised, tribal folk throughout the year. On debut offering Gorilla Manor, the chaps from LA really go ape…   The song I’ve selected is actually a Talking Heads cover, which is actually a vast improvement.  The guitar is crisper, the drums mesmirising, the vocals cleaner, the harmonies beautiful.  I’m eagerly awaiting the follow up.  Take THAT, David Byrne (Live)

I Am A Hologram by Mister Heavenly: Supergroup fun from a trio featuring unicorns, men men and modest men, this is a catchy little playful knees-up with a piano that just won’t quit.  Pleasant listening and makes the central line a swizz.  Toe-tapping.

Megumi The Milky Way Above by Connan Mockasin:  I first heard Connan and his magical band of Mockasins supporting The Mystery Jets in Somerset House in 2010.  I am now, as I was then, completely unsure about what it is I hear. Certainly innovative, certainly different, this neo-acid folk lo-fi trips over many balls, but remains rather good music after great time and pondering.  A little fish in a big pond, New Zealander Connan needs to just keep swimming.  A musical Doreen. 


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