Ten Story Love Song by The Stone Roses:  It actually happened.  After nearly a decade of will they/wont they, John Squire and Ian Brown finally resolved their differences, and in a highly entertaining press conference, announced the reformation and subsequent world tour of The Stone Roses.  Most excellent.  Cue an epic week of Rose’s backcataslog.  All two of them.  While The Second Coming is not even close to being as good as the eponymous debut, it contains some true gems.  Take Ten Story Love Song – a beautiful inner city love ballad featuring those Squire wavy guitar sounds with Brown’s harsh Mancunian crooning.  3rd Coming.

Nasty Boy by Scribe Tribe:  I don’t often dig UK hip-hop.  But something about combining high-octane beats with cheeky boy lyrics makes this Brighton based quartet rather appealing.  Nasty Boy features those infectious old-school samples, and also provides a highly entertaining video.  These boys look set to make it big.  Hip-Hope.

We Do Nothing by Tom Vek.  Ultra-cool indie breakbeats with dashes of punk and electronica from the slurry wordsmith Tom Vek. Good to have you back Thomas, as this year’s We Have Sound proves nicely.  Keepin’ it cool.

Dust on the Dancefloor by The Leisure Society:  The Belle And Sebastian from the South; this soft folk symphonic rock outlet makes for quite lovely listening.  Inoffensive and soothing tones float out of your speakers and right into your heart.  With elements of 60s folk rock bands like The Byrds and The Move in there as well, nothing could make this song finer… except perhaps this wonderful video.  Pleasure from The Leisure. 

Shake It Out by Florence and The Machine:  A delightful return to the music world for Florence Welch and her merry old Machine.  Single Shake It Out is full of passion, power and an immense release of energy, which builds up towards the extraordinary chorus, where Florence really does shake something out.  To build upon the success of Lungs is going to be tough, but based on this single alone, the hard work is already done.  Go with the Flo.


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