Last week’s digest…written this week…just to confuse you.

One Silver Dollar by The Kills.  This somber, sultry, sexy version of Marilyn Monroe’s song really diminishes the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood Star’s original.  Fitting, considering her tragic demise.   Changing Hands.

In Dreams Part II by Let’s Wrestle. ‘In my dreams there were Pokemon beating me up/I punched Pidgeotto right in the face’.  Enough said.

Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.  Euphoric indie-rock-folk from the Brooklyn based band.  Featuring Beach House’s Victoria Legrand on backing vocals (guess where), this is an exceptional reminder of what the band produced off the beautiful 2009 album Veckatimest.  Hurry up with the follow-up, boys.  Bear good.

Shadows on Behalf by Stepkids.   A very agreeable psychedelic rock, with smatterings of jazz and soul, the trio produce an eclectic sound of decades gone past.  Groovy.

In The City by Razorlight.  With an ego the size of Bethnal Green, it’s difficult to like Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell.  Back in the day, his reputation for taking his shirt off and acting like The Second Coming was irritating.  But a buzz through 2004’s Up All Night has me reminiscing of my not so distant youth and this particularly underrated song.  All is forgiven Johnny, as he laps up the moment with spoken word and inconsistent strums, and slowly this poetic night out in the city builds and builds in an oom-pa kind of way, towards a crescendo of furious guitars, drums and echoed chorus. A stand out track on a quite brilliant album.  Looking for me?



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