Taiwanese Boots by Fujiya & Miyagi – The Brighton based trio slipped off my radar this year despite my uncontrollable excitement about the release of their third album Ventrilloquizzing. Despite it’s familiarity, it’s still full of great tracks, including Taiwanese Boots.  Some quirky synth, prominent bass, a neat little keyboard hook, with those seductive whispers, and often inaudible babblings.  Babbleboots

Something is better than nothing by Tashaki Miyaki – I clearly have a thing for female singers.  The mysterious Tashaki Miyahki widely known as the ‘female Jesus and the Mary Chain’ croons sweetly, and reassuringly lets me know that ‘everything is gonna be alright’.  It’s good to hear such words when near asphyxiation in a crowded Northern Line train to Morden via Bank.  Soothetube

Shelter From The Storm by Bob Dylan – Another alternative take on a Dylan classic this week, this time by the man himself.  A 1976 live version from the album Hard Rain, this wonderful acoustic number off Blood on The Tracks is given an extraordinary makeover. Electric guitars with plenty of anger, defiance and utter exhilaration and energy, as Dylan rips through this previously tender song, with his band (including the legend Mick Ronson) in the pissing rain. Bob having a stormer

Lord Knows Best by Dirty Beaches – Neo-noir rockabilly ballad from the Canawaianese Alex Zhang Hungtai.  The track sounds raw and a little rough production-wise but this contrasts ever so well to the lovely piano hook and finicky slurry words that reverb around your ears.  Again this makes for good travel music, if you are feeling particularly blue on a chilly mid-week platform. Rough-loving

Your Gonna Miss Me by Lulu and The Lampshades.  The girls from Bristol have been floating around for couple of years now, building up a bit of a cult following with their jolly and zany breed of folk music.  Their big viral break came with this song, featuring quite inventive use of yogurt pots for percussion. It’s a joy to watch and the singing puts one in that feel-good place, that many bands aspire to achieve today.  Simplicity with a slice of inventiveness goes a very long way.  Yogurt to see this


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