There seems to be a lot of music these days, and not nearly enough hours in the day to talk about it.  A solution to this growing problem is to give an occasional digest of the songs that have tickled my earlobes in any given week.  A blurb and a link should do nicely for now.

Another Day by Echo Lake –  Dreamy chill-pop from London based quintet.  Echoed (no surprises there) vocals and harmonies matched with a quite complementary guitar line.   Expect this band to nuzzle in quite comfortably into London’s music scene. Dreamy Lake

Do the Jay Jay by Two Wounded Birds –   Instrumental number from the Margate band, which will raise the surfer in you.  Grab those boards and head down to Brent Canal, while this awfully catchy tune still reverberates around your head.  Has surf noir ever sounded this good?  Find out. 

Video Games by Lana Del Ray – The new viral superstar.  Having popped up this rather sad, cathartic, and beautifully sung song on YouTube, she has become an Internet hit with over a million views on this song alone.  The endearing song is matched only by the incredible video that accompanies this talented voice.  Videolink.

Avalanche (Terminal Velocity) by Boys Noise and Erol Alkan featuring Jarvis Cocker   Jarvis Cocker giving a reading of Leonard Cohen’s 1971 song Avalanche with Boys Noize and Erol Alkan contributing the backing music might just be the collaboration of the year.  The contrast between Cocker’s broody northern tones and the electro beats of the Boys is startling, and some might say ill-fitting, yet it is this stark contrast which makes the track that much more compelling.  It is beautifully decadent.  Would you care to collaborate on that?

The Ballad of Hollis Brown by Iggy and The Stooges.  A Bob Dylan cover, which features in the Dylan biopic I’m Not There, but curiously, not on the official soundtrack. This early Dylan classic has been well and truly Iggifed.  Dark, menacing and with a guitar loop that penetrates the mind, this is quite an exceptional effort from Iggy and The Stooges, off their Wild Love album.  Bob getting Iggy with it.


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